THG Collection

THG distributed by Sanitaire Luxe Lyon: when bathroom rhymes with luxury and prestige!

With Sanitaire Luxe Lyon, your bathroom is necessarily upscale

Sanitary Luxury Lyon is a reference in the world of luxury bathroom! A true goldsmith, the brand knows how to combine the finest materials for a unique and high-end result. To enjoy a wide THG range for bathrooms, choose Sanitaire Luxe Lyon. The specialist offers prestige products for a rendering necessarily up to your desires. Let yourself be charmed by THG and its original faucet, synonymous with luxury!

With THG, your faucet is a work of art

Our specialists are at your disposal and guide you to a choice that perfectly matches your desires for decoration. For more than thirty years, Sanitaire Luxe Lyon accompanies you in a personalized way for the implementation of your project. Partners of the greatest palaces, we are aware of the different issues and make every effort to sublimate your interior. With Sanitaire Luxe, it's even easier!